It was a great experience working with House Dressing, staging makes sense and it pays off.  Two weeks after the staging we had five offers.

-Tammy Kent, Hampton

Deb Brodhecker is a pleasure to work with. She previewed this vacant, newly renovated house and transformed it into a warm and comfortable feeling home.  Her prices are reasonable and the work was completed in a timely fashion. The owner, a local builder called me when the staging was complete to tell me how great the home looked and what a difference it made. Our entire office caravan was impressed as well. I plan to use House Dressing’s services whenever I can.

-Margie Morville, Realtor
Century 21 Gross & Jansen Realtors

Hi Debra, I just want to thank you for changing my mind about your staging services! I was so thrilled with the results you provided that I would like to share my story with those who may be "on the fence" about home staging as I once was.

When it was suggested to me by my realtor that I pay for a home stager, I recall thinking, "oh no, not another fee to pay!" In fact, my sister-in-law, who is a real estate agent, told me that stagers were unnecessary, costly and not worth the money. So I did what any home seller would have done when faced with such "facts"—I resisted wholeheartedly! I flatly told my agent that I couldn't afford it and that I didn't think I needed it. But, being good at her job and knowing that I did need help, she pushed me a little, and even offered to pay for Debra’s work! At this point anyone else would have given in, but not me. I told her I really didn't want her to pay for something I didn't need. 

Despite my resistance, Ellen really knew that House Dressing could make a difference, so she gently advised me that she was going to bring Debra along the day before a scheduled open house to just "take a look around". I had to run out for a while, so I grumpily agreed, left them to their tour, and went about my business. When I returned home from my errand I was so impressed by the changes that were made that I was a bit embarrassed by my previous opposition. The strategies that Debra employed to make subtle but striking changes in the way my home looked made an enormous difference in its appearance. So impressed was I with what she was able to accomplish in one short hour, that I offered to pay for two full hours of her services. It was money very well spent. I had more serious interested buyers at that one open house than I had had in entire previous year of appointment "shoppers".

Debra Brodhecker has made me a believer in home staging. I don’t think all stagers are created equal, however, and that there may be some who cause folks to dub them as "unnecessary". This is not the case with Debra, she is truly a talented decorator and has a fantastic eye for detail. If you have been having trouble selling your home and you are looking for a fresh spin that will get admiring attention from buyers (and everyone else), then give House Dressing a try, you won’t regret it!

-Robin Lore, Vernon

I would like to thank you for all your help in getting 1 Stonehedge Ln. staged. Your attention to detail and the precise instructions given to my clients on "how to" were very valuable.

-Carla R. Olivares, CSP, CLHMS

Deb took an empty house and applied just the right touch so it didn't break the owner's budget, yet gave it enough to make it a pleasure to show and easy for buyers to understand how to use each room. 

At the open house, buyers were commenting on how tastefully decorated the house was. Deb was easy to get in touch with, very accommodating with the owner's schedule (which was a feat in itself), and got the house ready on time.  Her efforts made a huge difference in the selling of the house. Deb is the first on my list to call when I get a new listing!

-Ellen Griffiths
Century 21 Gross & Jansen Realtors