Verbal Consultation

The verbal consultation which takes 1-2 hours at the property is a thorough customized assessment of a property’s sale-readiness. The consultation addresses issues such as minor repairs, furniture placement, curb appeal, editing furniture, accessories and color choices. Emphasis is placed on those tasks that will bring the seller the highest rate of return. Sellers are encouraged to take notes. $75

Written Consultation

The consultation, which will take 1-2 hours at the home, includes a detailed written report for the homeowner delivered within 36 hours. The report is a prioritized action plan for homeowners to ready their property for sale. Do-it-yourself homeowners may like to take the report and complete the tasks suggested which might include simplifying interiors, rearranging furniture and painting. A proposal for professional staging will be available for homeowners who prefer not to do it themselves. A follow-up visit is included for fine tuning. $125

Hands-On Consultation

This consultation is for immediate results! If a homeowner does not want a whole house consultation than this mini staging is the right choice. I will come and do a quick assessment and then start right away. This is a great choice when you already know what the “problem rooms” are or the house needs to go on the market right away. Two-hours $90

Vacant House Staging

Staging for the impact rooms–living room, dining room, master bedroom and kitchen. The jump-start package includes staging installation, furniture and accessory rental. $850 for 60 days. Additional months $275 each.

Interior Redesign

A home makeover! If your room(s) just doesn’t look or feel the way you want it to or you are ready for a change but not ready to start from scratch this is the service for you. Using what you already own and love in new and different ways can give your home a great new look. Half day and full day makeovers are available.